7 Easy Dinner Recipes for the Busy Bee - 20+ Recipes

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7 Easy Dinner Recipes for the Busy Bee - over 20 Recipes to Switch and Swap


A collection of easy to prepare, nutritious meals for the whole week. The recipes can be swapped around making endless combination. 

The recipes have been tested over time as these are family recipes that we enjoy. It is a superb companion when you are tight for time. The ingredients are easily obtainable from your local supermarkets and Oriental stores.

The recipes reflect the Nyonya paradigm, ie, combining my own recipes with British cuisine. This is a truly cross -cultural experience. 

So why not try something new, something local and something foreign. You will enjoy the simplicity of most of the dishes. It is also an opportunity to get the children involved in preparing the meals as this will help them to acquire living skills, and at the same time have family bonding time.

I am sure you will find it easy to plan for your family meals after reading this. Do experiment.

So let's cook!