Hi, welcome to my online shop. Here you can get the nice cookies and biscuits that I hand made.

These are all family favourites and they are home baked. I love to share my cookies and
cakes with friends. 

Vegetarian and Vegan

I have some friends who are vegetarians and some who have gone to be vegans. I know I find it
strange as where I come from, all vegetarians are vegans! I have friends who are gluten intolerance, too. Each time I bring my food to share, there are friends who are not able to partake as they are vegans or gluten intolerance. Me being me, I always like to include everyone when I share my food. That is why I make vegan cookies and gluten-free ones as well. 

My Current range of cookies and bakes are all Malaysian favourites. I have a lot more in my 'magic bag'. More products will be available. I will expand my range of gluten-free and vegan items as I go along. So please feel free to drop me a line. I will see what I can do.

The chocolate cookies are vegetarian as it contains eggs and butter.


Chiffon Cakes

Ooh, the chiffon cakes are so light and fluffy. It is a very temperamental cake to bake. It needs careful monitoring. This is currently available only in my stall, or made to order for collection. It is suitable for vegetarians. You can

As all the cakes and bakes are hand-made, there will be variation in the size, colour and shape. Each is as unique as you and me!

So, have a browse around the shop and see what strikes your fancy. I look forward to sharing my
food with you.


Loretta Lee

P.S. You can order and collect, too. Saving you postage. You can collect from the Hinckley Sunday Munch. Please feel free to email me should you want to collect a different venue.