Birmingham Vegan Fest 30th March 2019

Birmingham Vegan Fest 30th March 2019

Posted by Loretta Lee on 4th Apr 2019

Birmingham Vegan Fest was the first of vegan fest that I have attended. It was new to me. 

There were many stalls selling vegan stuff from cupcake, donuts, drinks, clothes, essential oils and of course hot food. 

Everyone was busy with their stalls. I did managed to have a short and quick walk around and took some photos. I managed to find Gayani, of Gayani Gold Dust! She does Sri Lankan Vegan food and she has her own supper club. We met many years ago in an event which was for our children. We exchanged info and cards and we have never met again before this. However, we kept in touch through social media!  Today we meet again. This just shows that when we are determined to stay in touch, we just do.

And like kids, we acted like kids! We were over the moon when we saw each other and huuggss....

At the end of the day, we all packed all out things and was about to leave and I just at the spur of the moment offered her a lift, even though she had already called a taxi. I offered to give her a lift home if her stuff can fit in my car. Well it did fit in my car. On the way home she offered to cook me a meal (happy days)! How can a foodie refuse food? Of course I accepted the invitation. We went to Asda and bought some 'ladies fingers', or okra.

She had a fresh coconut at home and she made a meal of rice, coconut salad, okra and her jack fruit curry which she sells in the fair. I had the honour of using  a table-top scrapper to scrap the coconut and we enjoyed the coconut water as well.

She cooked up the meal so quickly! I had some healthy food indeed! Along with hibiscus tea. 

It was a lovely evening, catching up with each other. It was an evening well spent and we promise to to visit each other more often.

'old friends' but young in thoughts and deeds.

As for the Vegan Fair? Well it was good and a good exposure for me. It is my first time so a lot of people do not know me, and a lot of work needs to be done to publicise my food.

I hope you try out my food. It is different and if you have not tasted Malaysian snacks before, do give it a try. My snack are more of a Chinese style. In Malaysia, we have Malays, Chinese and Indians - these are the 3 main races. Of course there are other ethnic groups in Malaysia. So what you taste here is only a part of what Malaysian food has to offer.

Do try out my snacks. Do share this post with your friends if they are into discovering new foods.

My next event will be at the Burbage Farmers Market, Saturday, 06.04.2019 and

the Rugby Vegan Fair 28.04.2019.

Cheers, and until the next post.