Producers' Show Case in Leicester

Producers' Show Case in Leicester

Posted by Loretta on 4th Aug 2019

On Saturday, I had my first Producers' Showcase hosted by Wigston Fields New & Deli, aka intasgram handle @notjustaconershop.

It was an interesting concept.

Pratik Lilu, the man behind behind it, is a restaurateur as well. He has great ideas and is a lovely man.

So on Saturday, I was there, Nyonya Recipe, Choux'tique and Hairy Coconut Deli were also there. It was the first time for me and Hairy Coconut. Hmm, when I  first heard about Hairy Coconut, I thought it was owned by an Asian as coconut conjures up  an image of the swaying coconut trees by the tropical beach. How wrong am I! It is actually English owned. Hairy Coconut does sweet bakes like brownies and tarts. There are vegan options as well.

Chouti'tique, as the name shouts out, is French choux pastry. Natalie, the owner makes lovely french bakery goods and on the day, she brought a variety of sweet and savoury treats. I bought some to try and they are lovely.

As for me, I made a new product Chigan Leek and Potato Pasty. I tested this in our Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan meeting, and it was well received. The Sio Bao has a make-over as I use rough puff pastry this time instead of the flaky Chinese Pastry. The Chigan Pie, while tasty, could not beat the strong taste of the Sio Bao and I completely sold out the Sio Bao. 

I would like to thank my fellow Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan society members who turn up to support me. And also not forgetting my fellow Global Woman Networking Club member who came with her sister all the way from Kegworth! Thank you Sue!.

Thank you Pratik, Natalie and Owen. It is good to get to know new people and fellow small food businesses. Well, Hairy Coconut is certainly bigger than me or Choux'tique. The most interesting thing is that we shared and exchange info,

If you want to taste my food, I will be at the Burbage Farmers Market this Saturday, 3rd August. I will also be in Feast Hinckley 2019 on 10th and 11th August (Saturday & Sunday)in Argents Mead. Here, I will have the Chigan, Leek and Potato Pasty and I will also make the SIO Bao Pasty.

I also do Bosworth Farmers Market on the 4th Sunday of the month.

If you have any friends who are vegetarian or vegan, please share this info with them. See you at one of the fairs or markets.