Cranberry Cookies - plant-based, 150g pack

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Cranberry Cookies   Plant -based - 150g Pack

Product Description

Especially made to celebrate this season. Made to a traditional Malaysian recipe, from pure ingredients, this is a simple, tasty cookie. A light crunchy cookie filled with lots of dried cranberries. Other than being in season, this cookie is great if you and chocolate does not agree. That is to say,  some might find that they get headaches or difficulty in sleeping, when chocolate or caffeine is consumed.  This cookie will satiate your desire for a good cookie or biscuit, while giving you the chewy  cranberries that meets your chewing satisfaction. A cookie meant for sharing. Some like it dunked in coffee!  Once you start, you want more. 

The product is packed in a clear, food safe bag. This bag is bio compostable. You can put it in the compost heap.

How to enjoy

This plant-based Cranberry Cookie is a delicious and moreish snack to share with your family. Great  served with tea or coffee for a deserved break. Some like it dunked in coffee or tea. Whatever way you get to enjoy the generous bits of cranberries in a crunchy cookie.

Visiting a friend or family? Take a jar with you and you will have most enjoyable time savouring it with them.


Store in a Cool Dry place, in an air tight container. Once opened, consumed within a week.

Best before:

8 weeks from date of shipping or, see Best before date on label


Vegetable shortening, sugar, aqua fava, flour (gluten), dried cranberries, coconut, vanilla, leavening agents: sodium Carbonates, Diphosphates, Sodium Carbonates, maize starch


Allergy Information 

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