Dragon Balls in Gift Pack

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Dragon Balls in Gift Pack , plant based - Pack of 6

Product Description

6 pieces of delicious Dragon Balls individually wrapped and in a Box. Great as a gift to take with you. Perfect for Mother's day, Easter, Teachers' day and just about any excuse to share this lovely plant-based snack.

Dragon Ball is a  delicious plant-based snack. Made from mung beans (dhall). Hand wrapped in flaky Chinese style pastry. The filling is sweet, yet salty, making it a unique taste combination.

How to enjoy

These balls are normally eaten as a snack. It can be served with tea, Chinese tea or black tea or any tea of your choice, and coffee too. It can be consumed as a breakfast or tea item, elevenses and a good snack with a friend.

The balls can be served at room temperature. It can also be heated up in the oven. To warm the balls, place them in the oven , preheated to Mk 4 for 12 to 15 minutes or until warmed through (the oven temperature and time is an indication only as ovens vary). This will make the pastry more flaky. Cool and then serve.


In the fridge it can last 10 days. To freeze: freeze as soon as you can. Can last up to 2 months. To serve: remove from the freezer and thaw in fridge or on kitchen counter. Then warm in oven Gas Mk 4 for about 12 to 15 minutes minutes until warmed through. Serve.

Best before:

10 days from date of  shipping

Can be frozen.

Freeze as soon as possible. Freezing will prolong the best before date.


Flour (gluten), sesame, mung beans, vegetable oil, onions, salt, sugar

Serve warm or at room temperature.


Allergy Information 

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