Sakura Gift Box -Kuih Bangkit( Gluten Free Cookies)

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Sakura Gift Box - Kuih Bangkit (Gluten Free) Cookies

Gift for Mother's Day, Easter, Woman's Day, Birthday, Teacher's Day, Year end Gift for Teachers, etc.

Hail, rise! Kuih Bangkit!


Kuih Bangkit means the biscuit or cake that rises. I am not sure how it got its name, but I supposed it is because the cookies rise when baked without any raising agents.

This cookie is made to a traditional Malaysian recipe. However, I questioned the way it was baked and could not understand why the eggs were beaten and then the dough, made with tapioca flour, kneaded before shaping. This actually extrude the air that is caught in the dough, so the cookies do not rise as much. So now I have ditched the old traditional method in favour of my own method which I think works better. Don't ask me as I won't be telling! Trade secret! LOL!!


So now this cookie is consistent, and each batch turns out as melt -in -your mouth gluten free cookies. If you are gluten intolerant. mind you, there are many; and the symptoms  can vary from very mild discomfort to full blown reaction; then this cookie is for you.

How to enjoy

This cookie is best enjoyed with a cup off tea or coffee and in the company of family and friends.

Suitable for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Wedding Gifts, Easter, Mothers' Day's Gift to take along with you when visiting friends and families and as corporate gifts.

This box contains 16 or 24  pieces of hand-made Kuih Bangkit or Tapioca Cookies. The  number of biscuits will depend on the size. It will fill up the box. It comes in a drawer box with cherry blossom design, with a 'Just for You' tag. 



Tapioca flour, vegetable oil, sugar,  coconut milk , eggs, salt

Allergy Information 

See ingredients in bold


Store in a Cool Dry place, in an air tight container. Once opened, consume within a week.


16 to 24 pieces kuih bangkit. This product is sold in pieces.

Best before: 6 to 8 weeks from date of shipping