Sio Bao (Plant-based)

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Sio Bao (plant-based)

Due to the bespoke nature of this item, please  ring or email/message before ordering.

Product Description

4 pieces of hand-made pastry.

Sio Bao is a delicious pie-like pastry. Sio bao means baked bao. Bao means wrap or to wrap. Sio bao has a skin or pastry and a filling.

A delicious baked Chinese pastry with a flaky skin and filled with delicious vegan Quorn. It is plant-based and kind to the environment. Made with plant-based seasonings.

How To Enjoy:

Sio Bao is normally eaten as a snack. It can be enjoyed as a breakfast item or a savoury tea item in place of your normal sandwiches or tea biscuit. The filling is sweet yet savoury. with vegetables as well. It can be eaten cold or warm, but it is best served after warming in the oven. Heat it in the oven to warm it up, leave it to cool and serve. (see below instructions).


Store in the fridge as soon as it is purchased.The Baos can be frozen. Freeze as soon as possible. To serve, defrost in the fridge and place in the oven Mk 4 for about 15 minutes. Cool and serve or serve warm. The temperature is a guide only as ovens vary.


Best Before: If kept in fridge, 5 days from date of shipping/delivery.

Once opened, consume within 2 days.


Ingredients: Flour (gluten), sesame, Soy , salt, sugar, vegan quorn.


Allergy Information:

See ingredients in bold